Welcome, traveler!

I am a help wizard to guide you through this part of the jungle. You can identify me by a blue background. My suggestions can be toggled by clicking on the '?' question mark in the header. If you are new to AlchemyArena, I strongly advise to read about it on the game's homepage. Following are 3 easy steps to get you started. Good luck on your journey!

1.Create a HAND

Select 5 of your TOYS to create a HAND! You can always click on the HAND icon in the header to see your new HAND. It is shown when at least one TOYS card is selected.

2.Stake a HAND at an Arena

To stake a HAND at an Arena, click on an unstaked HAND. The HAND details will open, where you will be able to stake it at any active Arena. Simply click on the 'stake' button and follow the instructions! Staking usually costs an 'entry fee', which might be different on different Arenas. You will also have possibility to power-up your hand with XP.

3.Challenge another HAND

To challenge another random HAND in the Arena, you need to have at least one of your HANDs staked at the Arena. Then simply click on your HAND to open the details view and click on 'challenge'. A random opponent will be selected to battle you. You will always get plenty of XPs from a challenge, no matter if you win or lose, that you can use in other hands to make them more powerful. Good luck!

Burn XP - get special TOYS

The TOYS Oven is a blind-box purchasing system. It burns your XPs and given you a random special TOYS card in return. You can see all the currently available special TOYS in the list. New players with weaker hands can collect XPs and purchase strong TOYS, making their HANDs stronger!

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